Uniting hearts in harmony
and building a world of happiness.


  • Corporate Mission

    To create a chain of smiles through compassion and security.
    To utilize the technology we have painstakingly accumulated to contribute to our cities' bright futures.

  • Business Objective

    To extrapolate and generate value, and provide security and safety.
    The profit our business operations generate are appropriately restituted to employees, the company, and society at large.

  • Vision & Philosophy

    We endeavor to build mutual trust and create a rewarding work environment.
    We strive to earn the absolute trust of our clients through gratitude and sincerity.
    We are wholeheartedly dedicated to delivering high quality products at a fast pace.
    We distribute our gains fairly, based on wage pathways and corporation structure.

  • Guiding Principles of Operations

    To accept and respect every individual.
    To communicate our gratitude and appreciation in words.
    To consider safety in our actions at all times.
    To face challenges with a willingness to learn and not fear failure.
    To always treat clients with humility.
    To visit sites in person, and find solutions alongside the client.
    To notice and consider those working around us.
    To keep our work environment clean and comfortable.

Message from Top Management

  • 代表取締役社長 山口幸太
  • In the 40 years since our founding in 1969, our company's progress has been resolute and steady, based on a foundational value of people, harmonious relations, and bonds of trust.
    Built upon our solid foundation of human-to-human relationships, we were able to make it to this present day. We would like to once again express our deep respect and gratitude to our clients and business partners who have supported us.
    Our work supports electric railways, an indispensable foundational service for daily life, and it is therefore our important duty to carry out our work safely and reliably.
    To that end, we strive to diligently observe and provide appropriate guidance and training to our employees, to not only nurture advanced technical skills, but also necessary qualifications, to foster pride and compassion in their work.
    "People have intrinsic value." Each individual is an asset, not only a resource, to a company.
    While evolving to meet the needs of this diversifying generation, we hope to uphold the sense of "duty, empathy and gratitude" and nurture humility by sharing our founder's starting point and wholehearted desire to be a company that serves and is needed by society.

    Thank you very much for visiting our website.
    We wish you good health and happiness.

    President Kota Yamaguchi

Products and Services

  • Iron Pillar/ Beam

  • Various Support Brackets

  • Cable Duct

  • Various Metal Products

(Certified by Kawasaki Factory)

Company Overview

Company Name
Establishment of the Company
October, 1969
Kota Yamaguchi
10 million Yen
Head Office
1-12-12 Shiohama, Kawasaki Ward, Kawasaki City, Kanagawa, Japan 210-0826
Telephone Number
Tokyo Office
6-13-2 Minamiooi, Shinagawa Ward, Tokyo, Japan 140-0013
Telephone Number
Business details
Design and manufacturing of metal products
January, 1966: The first company president Kanji Yamaguchi began operations from a factory in Kamata, Ota Ward, Tokyo.
October, 1969: Relocating the Head Office to Ooi, Shinagawa Ward, Tokyo, the company was registered as a corporation.
October, 1983: The factory was relocated to Sakuramoto, Kawasaki Ward, Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture.
February, 2008: Kazuo Yamaguchi was appointed President.
August, 2011: Production was relocated to a newly constructed in-house factory on Shiohama, Kawasaki Ward, Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture.
April, 2015: Kota Yamaguchi was appointed as President.
May, 2016: Acquired ISO 9001 certification.
January 29th, 2020: The Head Office relocated to Shiohama, Kawasaki Ward, Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture.
The office at Minamioi, Shinagawa Ward, Tokyo, was registered as Tokyo branch.
Our Products
Steel Pipe Colum, Iron Pillar, Beam, Frame, Steel Cross Arm, Pole band, Ladder, Inspection Platform, Cable Duct, Trough Extensions, Equipment Box, Platform Fencing Foundation, Insulating Plate, Bolts, Anchor
Manufacturing Materials
Iron, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Various insulating materials

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